Fight MS with Music

A fundraising initiative
On September 17 our band will play live in Milan to raise money for ACeSM (Association for the Center for Multiple Sclerosis of the Saint Raphael Hospital in Milan).
If you are not familiar with MS, it is a neurological condition that can affect people at any age and causes progressive nerve damage leading to serious motion, sight and hearing impairment. 
MS patients face significant challenges in their personal and professional lives and their condition has a major impact on their families and friends. Associations like ACeSM support research and patient care and provide support to people affected by MS and their families.
We will be playing in a small theater for a cheap ticket and won’t be able to raise much money.  
You can help us by making a small donation . As the site is in Italian, you can find some simple instructions to navigate the donation site here .
If you can spare two and a half minutes of your time, this video on YouTube  illustrates our cause. By the way, the soundtrack is our rendition of David Gilmour’s “5 a.m.”.

International Donors
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