Lorenzo Ferré


Lorenzo plays a Yamaha electronic set as well as an acoustic set when available
Born in 2002 in Milan, where he lives, when he was eight he declared without any doubt "I want to play drums" and he did so since , playing both acoustic and electronic drumsets.
Since 2011, he has been studying  drums and music theory at the Cluster music school in Milan drums with  Rob Lopez , He took part in several in live events in theatres and music pubs in Milan.

In 2014 he joined Peristrophe and the world of progressive rock became the focus of his musical interests
His other passions are astronomy, flight and Domino Rally: as far as this kind of hobby is concerned, he's now the only italian Domino artist on the web. Check his Youtube Channel !
Lorenzo Ferré
Drum Solo @ Cluster School
June 2015